The Man Behind WISE

At an early age of 14, while performing in Grace Moravian’s steel band Jevon Richards developed a passion for music. He developed this passion by watching the crowd’s reaction to the church's band and realized then that music does for your body, what God does for your mind, body, and soul. Music takes us all to a place of sheer contentment, and unlimited joy. Jevon wanted to share the passion he shared with music to everyone he encountered.

Jevon's humble beginnings started on August 22nd, 2009. This event was for a fellow church member’s going away celebration. He began with an I-Pod, laptop and borrowed mixer. The reaction to his music selection was overwhelming. In that moment he realized he was blessed with a gift for music. ZHe knew then that he had to put his vision and passion for music entertainment into fruition.

On my quest of becoming a well diverse entertainer, I sought mentorship from other Disc Jockeys and business owners. I also invested in entrepreneurship course work to gain new insights by researching various genres of music and entertainment. Through my extensive research, knowledge and passion I created West Indian Spirit Entertainment W.I.S.E. Where my mission is to provide exceptional client services while remaining competitive yet making sure your events entertainment needs are met from start to finish.


"A good man sheweth favour and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion."

Psalms 112:5

Jevon Richards CEO of W.I.S.E.